Contact Lens Exams

Best Technology For the Best Fit

Technology in contact lenses has come leaps and bounds since becoming a popular vision correction option. Our advanced technology such as a Spectral Microscope, Corneal Topography and a Anterior Segment Microscope ensure superior comfort and fit.

A Spectral Microscope scans the cornea for any abnormalities in the tissue.

A Corneal Topography is a scan of the front surface of your cornea, providing information on astigmatism and other irregulars that can be factored in when choosing the best lens.

An Anterior Segment Microscope procedure allows a close look at the fit of the lens onto the eye to ensure that the physiology of the lens on the eye is correct.

Our Contact Lens Inventory

Our clinic has a large selection of contact lenses available for same day fitting and purchasing needs. A few of our options include:

Color Contacts



Bifocal Contacts

Gas Permeable Lenses

To see our full contact lens inventory, contact us today!

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